Get Hyggeligt for the Holiday Season with Varietea

Get Hyggeligt for the Holiday Season with Varietea

If you have been reading up on home décor trends, or browsing books on Amazon, chances are you will have heard the curious Danish word ‘hygge’ pop up a few times. But what exactly is ‘hygge’? It’s probably more familiar than you think!

Hygge, (pronounced hyuu-ga, like cougar) loosely translated into English means ‘well-being’, or ‘cosiness’, that feeling of being warm, relaxed, calm and comfortable. This simple-sounding concept has inspired nine books so far, although hygge is more than just a word in Danish – this phenomenon is a big part of the culture in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries – noted for their high levels of happiness.

“Hygge is about atmosphere and an experience, rather than things” – Meik Wiking, The Little Book Of Hygge: The Danish Way To Live Well

Hygge isn’t something you can buy. It’s more like a feeling, or an experience – imagine snuggling up under a blanket on a cold, rainy night in front of a warm fire, hot cup of tea and good book in hand. Or sharing a delicious meal with friends and family, spending time with loved ones, enjoying life’s simple pleasures – sounds amazing!

Try these tips to get some more hygge into your life.

Use candles

Everyone loves the gentle, ambient flickering of candlelight, as well as the wonderful smells and subtle cracking of candle wicks. They are pretty much the most ‘hyggeligt’ thing I can think of, and the Danes sure seem to agree – one third of all Danish people light candles every single day. Remember, don’t leave your lit candles unattended and always extinguish them safely before leaving.

Make a hygge nest, or ‘hyggekrog’

What could be more hygge than building a pillow fort or blanket den? Make your own hygge corner with some soft throws, thick blankets, big comfy pillows and a nice cuppa to get snuggled into, preferably by a window, and watch the world go by.

Get cosy with natures

Nature is a big part of hygge, and soft, natural textures and colours can help to increase the hygge factor in your home. Shun plastic and manmade synthetics, and instead favour indoor plants, wood furniture, woollen textiles and earthenware crockery and mugs.

Dress the part

What is hygge clothing? I’m sure you’ve already concocted an image in your head if you’ve got this far – warm, fluffy slippers, pyjamas, dressing gowns, thick socks, woolly jumpers and mittens all help to enhance the hygge experience.
Use soft lighting

It’s hard to feel hygge under a fluorescent strip light. Warm, inviting lighting is just the thing for creating that cosy atmosphere. Avoid harsh overhead lighting and instead illuminate your home with low-level table and floor lamps, candles of course, and if you are able to, a roaring log fire is perfect.

Relax with a nice, hot cup of tea


A great way to get instant hygge in your life is to enjoy a delicious hot drink. Not just throwing a cuppa down during a quick break, but actually taking the time to relax and savour your drink. Treat yourself to a hearty black tea with milk, or enjoy a refreshing fruity blend – whatever your preference, tea is the ultimate hygge drink, and we made it super simple to try something new with the Varietea Box and its currently only £2 HERE!

Whip up a tasty homemade snack

Baking is an excellently hygge hobby – taking the time to work with your hands, filling the kitchen with delicious smells, turning ingredients into a lovely baked treat is a wonderful way to relax. Hygge isn’t a lifestyle that makes you feel bad about having a little of what you fancy – sometimes a nice big slice of chocolate cake with a mug of cocoa with cream is just what you need.

Start the day the hygge way

As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, set yourself up right with a hygge breakfast – a delicious bowl of porridge will help you face the day with a warm, satisfied feeling.

Get into the great outdoors

Hygge isn’t just about hiding indoors from the cold winter weather. Wrap up warm in a coat, scarf and gloves, and get outside and take a family walk in the country, play fetch with the dog, make snowmen, chop wood for the fire… and then come inside and enjoy that first sip of tea even more.

Enjoy simple pleasures

It’s hard to relax and enjoy hygge when you are distracted by smartphones or the TV – they are the opposite of peace and quiet, and can ruin a good conversation with friends or relaxing by yourself. Try turning off electronic devices and instead focus on more wholesome, simple activities – playing board games, chatting with friends, or getting into a good book.

Invite people to enjoy hygge with you

Feeling hyggeligt by yourself is one thing, but a good time can be multiplied with the addition of good company. Invite folks over for dinner, have a cuppa and a chat with your best friend, and spend time with your family. The oldest Danish hygge traditions are centred around connecting with other people, telling stories around a fire, connecting with nature, as well as connecting with yourself.

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