5 ways people ruin your tea

It’s pretty common to be offered a cup of tea – at work, at home, at a friend’s house – but sometimes, you flinch when certain people offer to get the kettle on. You would think making tea is pretty simple, but somehow, some people get it so wrong, you rather just have a glass of water. If they can manage it, that is. Here’s some common offending habits that make for a terrible brew.

Leaving the tea bag in

Sometimes, you might like to leave the tea bag in for a stronger flavour, especially with fruity or herbal teas, but with regular tea, it just results in too strong of a flavour, a scummy layer on the top, and a tea that tastes weirdly more bitter as you get to the bottom… and then a soggy mass of paper and tea leaves falls onto your lip. Thanks for that. Some people claim to prefer it this way, but I secretly think they are just lazy.

Giving you the wrong cup

Everyone has their favourite, and while you can’t always have your tea in that cup, some mugs should just be relegated to making gravy in, or using for storing loose change, or maybe just thrown into the sun itself. Having a handle that’s horrible to hold, meaning you have to grip the scalding hot mug, having a nasty chipped edge, or worst of all – a polystyrene cup. Honestly, why even bother.

Taking the teabag out too soon

Another one from the ‘why even bother’ series, taking the teabag out too soon leaves you with a nice hot cup of milky water, which nobody wants. And it’s completely unsalvageable – no, don’t get another teabag, you’ve already messed it up beyond repair. Just go and find someone who can make a proper cuppa, and leave it to them.

Using inferior tea

We aren’t tea snobs over here (okay we might be a little bit) but some brands of tea just remind you that you get what you pay for. That value off-brand version of your preferred tea bags? Don’t even bother. It’s likely been swept off the floor of a tea factory and left sitting on a shelf for ages before even making it to the shops, so by the time you actually use it, its little more than dust. Say no to bad tea and get some quality loose-leaf tea. Respect yourself!

When a non-tea drinker makes you a brew

Bless you, non-tea drinkers, we know you are doing your best, but seriously just step away from the kettle and let us do it. While it might seem like second nature to you, if someone who doesn’t drink tea tries to make a cup, they are likely to make all the above errors, and maybe even throw some more into the mix, just to confound you. We suggest directing them to our guide to making the perfect cuppa, and in the meantime just making your own!

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