7 Signs you are completely addicted to tea

We all enjoy a good cup of tea, and no-one can deny its restorative powers – nothing seems quite so bad once you’ve had a nice cuppa maybe with a biscuit or two. But for some people, tea is more than a nice hot beverage – it’s a way of life. Are you a tea-o-holic? Look for these signs…

The morning ritual

You cannot function without at least one cup of tea in the morning. Some people like to drink coffee for the caffeine hit, but we’ll skip the coffee jitters and bad breath – a nice cup of English Breakfast will do us just nicely. Just don’t stand in the way of us and the kettle in the AM.

I’ll make the brew!

You always make the tea in the office, because everyone else does it wrong. Surely combining hot water, a teabag and milk should be simple, right? So how come some people manage to mess it up quite so thoroughly? Either it comes out way too weak, they don’t stir it (heresy!) or they don’t put nearly enough milk in. Step away from the kitchen, you clearly don’t know what you are doing.

My first….

You remember your first. Okay maybe not your first ever cup of tea, but to that special time you first began to appreciate the splendour of the brown stuff. My first memories of drinking tea are from when I would go and stay with my grandma, and she would give little infant me a saucer of her tea to drink. Then when I was a little older, I’d get my own little porcelain cup. She had an old tea caddy, and would insist on warming the teapot before making the tea (try it – its good). Mmm, warm fuzzy memories.

My mug!

You have a favourite mug. You know the one. Not too small, so you can actually fit a decent amount of tea in there, and nice and comforting to hold. Maybe it’s gone the same reassuring brown as your sink, or it has an awful joke on it, or a little chip out of the side. But it’s your mug and God help anyone else who dares to drink from it…

Tea in a coffee shop

You go to Starbucks and have tea. Yeah, I know it’s a coffee shop, but I don’t want coffee, okay? It’s too damn sweet anyway with all the vanilla and syrup and who-knows-what. I don’t need any pretension or fancy flavours – just good old tea will do.

Just in case!

You take your favourite tea bags everywhere you go, just in case. Because what if you go to work and there’s none left? What if management have decided to save a couple of measly quid by switching to an inferior brand? People have staged a walkout over less. What if you go to a friend’s house and they ‘aren’t really a tea person’ (honestly, why are they still your friend…)? What would you drink then? Cold tap water? I don’t think so.

Home sweet home

It’s the first thing you do when you get home after a long day. Sure, some people might sprawl on the settee and pop the TV on. If you are insanely organised, you might start doing housework or star jumps or something. But for the true tea-o-holic, the kettle is on and the spoon is at the ready before your coat’s even off. Because that’s how you roll.

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