Communication Policy

Principles (a trading name of Brew Roulette Ltd) is committed to being a market leader in the way we conduct business. Suitability of products in line with customers needs and the general principles of transparency, openness, honesty, and clarity in the way we conduct our business are key issues in our Communication Policy.

Pivotal to our business is the fundamental principle of Treating Customers Fairly in the way we advertise and the way we interact with customers. We also require that our employees and business partners do likewise.

The hallmark of a good Communication Policy is a strong, ethical, and compliance-oriented tone emanating from the company’s leadership team. Transparency, communication and candor are important in any dialogue across the entire business. Anything short of this may detract from a relationship of trust.

It is important that we adhere to the Regulatory Rules and Principles imposed upon us to remain a fit and proper business and aim to achieve this by having strong systems and controls in place which ensure that we maintain high standards across the entire business.


  • We will maintain and regularly review the systems and controls pertinent to our business model
  • We will adhere to the laws, regulations, rules, guidance and codes of conduct laid down by our regulators
  • We will have a business model where internal communication and the decision making process affecting our day to day practices is paramount
  • We will provide ongoing training in all aspects of our business to our staff
  • We will continually monitor all aspects of our business to ensure that they remain effective and efficient in line with our fundamental principles of responsible lending and treating customers fairly.


Central to our business culture is that of Treating Customers Fairly. To us, that means communicating with you at regular intervals about your product/s and service/s that you purchase from us. This is because customers needs and the suitability of products for that need are constantly changing. Maybe you want more products maybe less, maybe coffee instead of tea or tea instead of coffee. We can only find out more about your needs if we can chat.

Communication ensures that both the customer and the business are up to date with your details and needs.

We will try to give you a welcome call but will always send you a welcome email or sms.

We will then call, email or SMS you several times throughout the year to make sure that the products you have continues to meet your needs and remains suitable. If you cancel at any time we understand that sometimes this might be due to financial reasons, so we’ll remind you about our services later once your requirements have changed.

We will not harass you or call you more than this unless we need to communicate with you e.g. regarding a claim you have made.

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