hoogly Rhubarb & Vanilla Tea Review


Name of tea: Rhubarb & Vanilla tea

Maker: hoogly

Category: Fruit

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Chinese Green Tea (30%), Rhubarb Pieces (2%), Sunflower Petals, Calendula Petals and Natural Flavouring

Tasting notes: The fresh scent of the rhubarb hits you from the moment the silky pyramid bag is removed from the smooth sachet. hoogly have managed to achieve a fresh rhubarb experience with a hint of vanilla. Interestingly, before brewing commenced, the vanilla was stronger than the rhubarb. However, after brewing, the rhubarb became more prominent with underlying tones of vanilla.

With every sip or gulp (whichever you prefer), we experienced the rhubarb initially which then transitioned into the vanilla phase. The tea presents you with a sharp, fresh taste (rhubarb) and a sweet hint (vanilla). We admired the mixture of colours in the tea bag itself (this helped to add to the overall experience), as well as the deep red colour of the tea, which compliments well the taste of rhubarb.

This is an enjoyable, refreshing tea that can be enjoyed without milk. The rhubarb and vanilla taste fulfilled all of our senses, with a nice balance throughout.

Brewing notes: Boil water up to 80% and steep for three to five minutes. The sachet advises 3-5 minutes. We met in the middle at 4 minutes, which worked perfectly.

Brews per bag: One (It doesn’t state otherwise)

Best with: A vanilla sponge

Team rating: 4

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