NEW YEAR! NEW YOU! – So what about your favourite brew?

With all these New Year’s resolutions flying around, we at Varietea know how hard it can be to really commit to those inspiring words you swore to as the clock struck 12. So whether it’s getting the right amount of kip, or not buckling under the stress of work, we are here to help!
Find out how the Varietea family keeps it together, with a short list of some of our favourite teas to improve your week!

  1. Chamomile

Unable to settle at night? Waking up from bad dreams? DON’T FRET!
A cup of soothing chamomile tea before hitting the hay, can do your sleep cycle wonders. Containing a natural sedative and helping to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, you’ll be set to snooze in no time.

  1. Lemon Balm

Want to be rid of the stress without the sleep? Look no further than Lemon Balm.

Whether it’s your monthly or your mood – a refreshing mug of Lemon Balm tea will soothe your body, mind and maybe even improve your memory!

  1. Peppermint

Feel a little dazed or dull? Tricky to concentrate? Peppermint can perk you up.

For those times you fail to focus, pop some Peppermint tea into your daily routine and watch your problem solving and productivity rise.

  1. Ginseng

Feeling physically below your peak? Get to the gym with Ginseng!
Popular among athletes and health experts alike, Ginseng tea is the perfect pick me up for those of you who decided to get fit this year! Increasing stamina levels and lowering the effects of fatigue – this cup of tea will make sure to help you work-out before you wind down.

  1. Ginger

Sick and full of sniffles? When illness abounds it’s best to keep Ginger around.

Whether you’re back to work or school, we want you to pass by the plague. A steaming serving of Ginger tea at the slightest sign of sniffles should help to keep the cold away, after all – WINTER HAS COME!

So that’s it from us here at Varietea – don’t forget there is always time to get healthy!

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