Tea of the week – Ahmad Teas Chamomile Honey & Vanilla

A charming herbal blend of chamomile, liquorice root, natural flavourings, fennel, and vanilla makes for a lovely, soothing cuppa. This caffeine free infusion is perfect for drinking at any time of the day, but we find it the best for relaxing with in the afternoon or evening. Ahmad Teas are socially conscious and fund many major charitable projects, focusing on schools, hospitals, clean water and around 200 orphanages.

Tasting notes

The subtle and herby chamomile flavour is given a touch of natural sweetness with the honey and vanilla ingredients – no other sweetening is required for this wholesome and relaxing blend. Some people even detect a hint of creaminess or white chocolatey flavours from this delightful infusion. Best served without milk.

Good to know

Chamomile is thought to have relaxing properties and may soothe an upset stomach, and honey may help to relieve cold symptoms such as a sore throat.

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