Tea of the week – Birchalls Green Tea with Peach

Our tea of the week this week is a green tea with peach from Birchalls, a company founded in 1872 when Birchall George Graham planted his first crop of tea in Darjeeling, India. The company is now run by Graham’s great-great-great grandchildren, and their tea is sustainably sourced from farms in Rwanda, Kenya and other parts of East Africa. Birchalls are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, and the majority of their teas are from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

Tasting notes

This tea comes in a prism teabag made from special biodegradable, plastic-free material which will break down when thrown away. The ingredients featured in this blend are green tea, apricot pieces, marigold flowers and flavouring. I steeped this tea for about three minutes in freshly boiled hot water, as per the instructions. The fragrance of fruit is almost immediately apparent, and the colour is that of most green teas, that is to say a golden light brown. I was surprised that this tea contains pieces of apricot rather than peach, although they are both from the same species of tree – I would probably not be able to tell them apart in a taste test! The aroma of this tea is fruity and inviting, and the taste of the fruit is very noticeable without taking away from the flavour of the green tea. This a very smooth blend with no bitterness or astringency at all. I cannot detect what the marigold flowers add, if anything, but perhaps it complements the delicate flavours of this blend. I did add one sweetener, although you might not need to add anything unless you are used to very sweet drinks. I enjoyed this tea immensely, and it was a nice and subtle pick-me-up on a Tuesday afternoon.

Good to know

Green tea contains some caffeine but not a huge amount, so you could drink this any time of day without it disrupting your sleep patterns, unless you are very sensitive to caffeine. Green tea is also very high in antioxidants, which can help to protect the body’s cells from damage. If you want to start drinking more green tea for its health benefits but find it to be a bit bland, this tea would be perfect for you!

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