Tea of the week – Dorset Teas’ Strawberries and Cream

We have a lovely fruity blend as this weeks TOTW – a strawberries and cream flavoured infusion made by Dorset Teas. They were established in 2009, inspired by the original company founder Keith Spicer, who would make his special tea blends at home in the kitchen, and deliver them by bike to local businesses. Today, Dorset Teas source their tea from all over the world, including Africa and India, and have even won a Great Taste Award for their Sunshine blend, which is a mix of Kenyan and Rwandan teas paired with some Assam from India. Dorset Teas are also a member of the Rainforest Alliance, an organisation which ensures fair and equitable treatment for all workers and also helps to protect the environment. Dorset Teas tea bags are packed without the need for heat sealing in recyclable cardboard boxes, and their tea bags are free of polypropylene which means they are biodegradable and can even be added to the compost bin. 

Tasting notes

The strawberries and cream blend is inspired by the traditional strawberry cream tea we have all enjoyed, especially if you have ever been on a visit to sunny Dorset in the south of England. The packaging is beautifully eye-catching, and as soon as you open the box you are struck with the heavenly smell of – yes, strawberries and cream! The ingredients listed are apple, hibiscus, rose hip, strawberry flavour, cream flavour and strawberries. I was a little alarmed by ‘cream flavour’ but all flavourings used are 100% natural. I was very excited to try this tea to see if the taste is as good as the smell, and steeped it with hot water for about 2-3 minutes. The aroma is even stronger while the tea is brewing, which only added to my anticipation! I elected to add a little bit of sugar, as I find some fruit teas need a tiny bit of something sweet to really bring out the natural flavours, but unless you have a sweet tooth you may not find this to be the case. Anyway, I took a sip and was instantly overwhelmed by how ‘real’ the strawberries and cream taste was! This tea tastes exactly like it smells – that is to say, imagine Willy Wonka had decided to start making teas and well as sweets and made a strawberries and cream tea – this is exactly what it would taste like. This sounds like hyperbole but I promise you, this tea delivers on the flavour and then some. Everyone at Tea Towers has been fighting over our supply! If you want a delicious fruit tea that will satisfy your craving for strawberries and cream, this is the tea for you.

Good to know

As this is made from fruit, there is no caffeine present in this tea, meaning that you can enjoy it any time of day, morning or night. This would be a great option for someone who wants to have something sweet after dinner in place of dessert, as it positively pops with flavour. 

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