Tea of the week – Hibiscus Cinnamon by Taka Turmeric

We included a special guest tea in the October tea boxes – the wonderful Hibiscus Cinnamon from Taka Turmeric! A spicy, warming blend of turmeric, sweet hibiscus flower, cinnamon, grated coconut, liquorice, orange peel, star anise, clove, and black pepper. These ingredients aren’t just included for their taste – there are many health benefits associated with turmeric, particularly the active ingredient circumin. The ingredients black pepper and coconut helps the body to absorb the most circumin from the amazing 1000mg of turmeric included in each cup of tea.

Taka Turmeric pride themselves on providing wellness blends that are as close to nature as possible, and use all ethically sourced organic ingredients for their teas. Their packaging is also sustainably sourced and is fully recyclable or biodegradable, from their plastic-free tea bags and recyclable paper envelopes, to their eco friendly cardboard cartons printed with vegetable-based inks. Taka Turmeric follows through with their ethically responsible approach with their entire range of teas and turmeric capsules.

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Tasting notes

Upon opening the paper envelope, the small tea bag is visibly chock full of ingredients including the turmeric, marking the bag a bright orangey yellow. A scent of cinnamon is immediately apparent, complemented by the turmeric and other aromatic ingredients. I added freshly boiled water to my mug and let it steep for the recommended five minutes. As soon as I added the water, the brew was a pinkish red colour, most likely due to the brightly coloured hibiscus. After a while, the brew gradually changed colour slightly and became more orange, which is what I would expect from a tea that contains so much turmeric. The smell is very similar to that of a good spicy chai tea. This is a totally herbal tea that does not contain black tea or any other, so technically it is an infusion, although you would not know it from the deep colour and the strong aroma. I used no milk, but I did add one sweetener because I have a sweet tooth and that’s how I drink most of my tea.

On my first sip I was almost shocked at how spicy it is, but in a good way! The strongest taste is from the cinnamon, followed by the black pepper. The turmeric taste is subtle, and does not have any bitterness to it at all, which is impressive. I have found some turmeric teas before to be a little bitter, especially in the aftertaste. But this is very smooth and delicious indeed – it does remind me of a chai, and has the boldness to match in the flavour. This is a wonderful blend of warming spices that is perfect for the colder Autumn weather.

Good to know

Turmeric is widely used in Indian cuisine and also in Indian natural medicine known as Ayurveda. The active ingredient in turmeric is circumin, which is thought to have various benefits for the body including increased circulation, anti-inflammatory properties especially for arthritis sufferers, and is also full of antioxidants. Circumin appears to cross the blood-brain barrier and could also be protective against the effects of aging on the brain. Circumin is quite difficult for the body to absorb, and the ingredients of coconut and black pepper to help the body to absorb as much as 2000% more circumin! This is a great tea that is naturally caffeine free and is perfect for cooler weather, as the ingredients have warming properties. You could also enjoy this as an iced tea with some citrus wedges for a cooling summer beverage.

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