Tea of the week – Hoogly Chill Out Mint

This week we have a refreshing herbal infusion from Hoogly as our tea of the week – their popular Chill Out Mint blend. As you may know, Hoogly teas are inspired by the Nordic concept of ‘hygge’ which roughly translates as ‘cosy’, and used to describe a wholesome lifestyle of enjoying the simple, quiet things in life. We can certainly get behind this idea, all the more so as Hoogly teas are are ethically sourced and fairly traded, and their biodegradable tea pyramids are soil association certified.

Tasting notes

This herbal infusion comes in a delicate pyramid bag and smells super fresh and fragrant before I even start brewing it – you can see the full leaves in the bag so you know that this is a good quality blend. The ingredients listed are peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus and pine needles. Pine needles might sound like an odd addition, but pine needle tea has been consumed by humans for thousands of years, especially in Native American cultures. According to historical accounts, the French explorer Jacques Cartier and his crew were given pine needle tea by the Iroquois native Americans to cure their scurvy after being at sea for months – pine needle tea is rich in vitamin C and has 3-5 times the amount found in oranges!

When I add the hot water, the leaves turn a bright green and the refreshing mint aroma is very strong and pleasant. I brewed it for about 4 minutes, which is a little longer than the packet suggests, but I do like strong tea. If you find that some herbal infusions are quite bland, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the vibrant flavours of Hoogly blends. The taste of this tea is very minty, as you can imagine, and wonderfully refreshing – the combination of ingredients and both peppermint and spearmint gives it a very rich flavour that is full of depth and aroma. I cannot taste any hint of the pine needles which are supposed to have a sage-like flavour, but it appears to have been overwhelmed by the two kinds of mint in this infusion. As with nearly all herbal teas, I did not add any milk, and found that it was sweet enough by itself so no sweeteners were added. If you like minty teas, you’ll love this one!

Good to know

This infusion is completely herbal and caffeine free, so it is good to drink at any time of the day. Many people find that consuming a mint tea can help to ease digestive discomfort, so it is perfect for enjoying after a meal or if you are suffering from indigestion or bloating. As mentioned before, the pine needles are rich in vitamin C, and also appear to have decongestant properties – this combined with the eucalyptus makes this a great tea for drinking when you are under the weather.

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