Tea of the week – London Fruit & Herb Raspberry Rendezvous

This week’s TOTW comes to you from the London Fruit & Herb company, a former apothecary dedicated to sourcing and blending the finest ingredients to make delicious fruity infusions. This Raspberry Rendezvous infusion contains hibiscus, apple pomace, blackberry leaves, flavorings, raspberry juice, tartaric acid and rosehips. 

Tasting notes

This tea started turning a deep purplish red as soon as I added the water and developed into a very deep maroon, and smelled very fruity and sweet. The brewing instructions said to steep this tea for 5 minutes, although I must confess I did leave the bag in for the entire time! The taste was very fruity indeed with a refreshing tartness from the raspberry juice, undercut by the natural sweetness of the hibiscus. I did not add sweetener to this drink, but if you have an especially sweet tooth you might enjoy a little honey or sugar in this beverage. As with any fruit tea, milk is not advised. 

Good to know

This is an infusion with no tea leaves or caffeine in it at all, so it is suitable for folks wishing to cut down on caffeine, or for drinking in the evening or any time of the day. This fruity blend would make for a fantastic iced tea – see our blog for an easy yet delicious iced tea recipe! 

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