Tea of the week – London Tea Company’s Raspberry Inferno

This week’s TOTW is a fiery, fruity blend from the London Tea Company, the suitably named Raspberry Inferno. The London Tea Company was founded in 2003 and have over 30 blends of unique and delicious teas. They use fairly traded teas and other ingredients, and are fully Fairtrade, as well as being certified by the Vegetarian Society and Viva Vegan. The London Tea Company is also committed to reducing their impact on the environment as much as they can throughout the entire tea sourcing process, and all their teas are free from artificial preservatives, colourings and flavourings.

Tasting notes

So as the name would suggest, this tea does in fact contain real chilli in addition to apple pieces, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaf and elderberries. The tea bag smells very fruity and you can definitely detect a hint of raspberry scent already, but no chilli yet. As with most fruit teas, I steeped this tea in freshly boiled water and left the tea bag in while I drank for extra flavour. When you first take a sip, you get a familiar fruity flavour much like most fruit teas that feature berries, and then almost immediately afterwards a really authentic raspberry-like tang, which was slightly unexpected as this tea only contains 1% raspberries. The fragrance of the brewed tea is super yummy – very rich indeed and the brew is a very dark red, or even slightly purple or plum shade. With the first few sips I did not immediately taste the chilli, but a few more sips and I felt a slow warmth growing – nothing too overwhelming but it adds a unique twist to an already delicious tea. As far as fruit teas go, this blend is very fruity indeed and not bland at all. I did add a little bit of sugar to help bring out the natural flavours more and counter the slight amount of tartness from this brew, although if you don;t have a particularly sweet tooth, the apple and hibiscus already add some natural sweetness. The chilli flavour was a real game changer for me, I continued to leave the tea bag in while I finished the whole cup but you might want to remove it after about four minutes if you find the spiciness a bit much – although to be honest it is very subtle but you can for sure tell there’s chilli in here. If you are a fan of sweet and spicy flavours together, or you like those dark chocolate slabs with real chilli flakes embedded in, you will probably love this tea.

Good to know

This blend contains no caffeine at all, so this is perfect for people who wish to avoid caffeine or for enjoying any time of the day. This tea would be wonderfully warming on cold days and would be a great choice for soothing a sore throat.

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