Tea of the week – Long Life Brows by Or Tea?

This week our chosen tea is Long Life Brows, a white tea from Or Tea? A brand founded in 2010 with the aim of bringing traditional, high quality tea blends to the modern world, with some gorgeous illustrated packaging. This tea is Silver Needle, grown in the Fujian, Fuding and Zhenghe regions of China, and is considered to be one of the finest white teas available. While this is from the Camellia Sinensis plant, just like green and black tea, the silver needle blend is harvested very young and only the fresh young tips are harvested – they are covered in a fine downy white hair, making them look white or even silver. The name, ‘Long Life Brows’, comes from the Taoist deity of longevity, as the long, fine tea leaves are said to resemble his eyebrows! Long Life Brows tea is certified organic, as are 70% of Or Tea blends, the envelopes are recyclable and their tea bags are biodegradable.

Tasting notes

As mentioned, the packaging for this tea is absolutely gorgeous, and features an illustration inspired by the aforementioned long-browed Taoist deity. The tea bags are also incredibly delicate and are carefully sewn together by hand, and through the fabric you can clearly see the small yet perfectly formed white tea leaves within. Anyone who thinks bagged tea is somehow inferior will be sure to eat their words (or drink them??) when they see this luxurious tea. Like many of Or Tea’s blends, this is also available as a loose leaf tea, so everyone’s happy. I opened the packet and was rewarded with a subtle scent. You may know that white tea is processed very minimally, being only dried and lightly steamed. This gives the tea a much more understated smell and taste, although if you thought it was bland, you’d be wrong. I brewed this tea with hot (bot not boiling) water for about 5 minutes and removed the bag. I often leave the bag in there if I am having a herbal or fruit tea, but for actual tea, I would always recommend steeping it for the recommended time and then removing the tea bag, as it can give a bitter taste if left in. The scent blossoms during brewing, offering a sweet, floral and grassy aroma. I decided to have it without any sugar, but if you have a sweet tooth you can add some sweetener if you desire. I would not suggest lemon with this tea as it might overwhelm the delicate flavour. I took a sip and was practically bowled over by how smooth, yet rich this tea is. I can really tell this is a premium quality tea. The colour is quite light, lighter than green tea but still has a straw like golden colour. The taste is very fresh, and is reminiscent of freshly cut grass, wild flowers, and morning spring rains. Is that too romantic of a description? It’s because this tea is simply like no other. If you like white tea, you will definitely love this. And if you have never tried it, Long Life Brows is the one to try first!

Good to know

Don’t let the subtle taste and light shade sway you – this is definitely a tea with caffeine, as with any other Camellia Sinensis tea (other than decaf), although it is said that white tea contains less caffeine than others, but this is not necessarily true. The caffeine content of tea varies a lot depending on where the tea is grown, when it is harvested, how it is stored, and how long it is brewed for, so it’s hard to give a definitive answer. That being said, this is a great tea to enjoy just by itself any time. As white tea is not heavily processed, it does contain more antioxidants than other teas, which is beneficial to health as they help guard against cellular damage in the body. Many people find this tea to be the gentlest on the stomach, so it would be a good choice if you find other teas sometimes irritating to digestion. 

If you enjoyed this delightful tea, you can get 15% off in the Or Tea online store using the code OTVIP15. Just go to https://www.or-tea.com/ and treat yourself to their wonderful range of teas!

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