Tea of the Week: Ministry of Tea Organic Himalaya Green Chai

This week’s TOTW comes from the wonderfully quirky Ministry of Tea, who have a carefully curated collection of teas inspired by Ayurveda, aka traditional Indian medicine, including this organic Himalaya Green Chai. Chai is usually made with black tea, but this blend has a twist in that it has a base of green tea, blended with classic chai spices including lemongrass, fennel, cloves and ginger.

Tasting notes

I brewed this tea for 3-5 minutes as per the packet instructions before tasting. As you would expect, it is a very light coloured tea and the aromatics come through in the fragrance almost immediately. This is a refreshing take on a traditional chai and would be a great choice for people who prefer a lighter flavour but still with the spice and warmth of Indian chai. This tea does not require milk, those with a sweet tooth may enjoy it with sugar, honey or sweetener.

Good to know

Green tea is high in antioxidants, which help prevent cellular damage caused by oxidation. The ingredients ginger and clove are thought to have anti-inflammatory action and can also be soothing if you have a sore throat.

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