Tea of the Week – Pukka Love

We have a nice relaxing herbal tea for our TOTW – the ‘Love’ blend from Pukka Herbs, featuring chamomile, rose petals and lavender. All of Pukka’s ingredients are 100% organic and they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible by using sustainable practises, and all their teas are certified Free for Life, a gold standard of ethical trade that ensures that everyone along the whole certified supply chain is treated fairly and equitably. Pukka teas are inspired by Ayurveda, an Indian natural medicine system that uses herbs and plants to treat ailments and restore balance to the body. The Love blend is part of Pukka’s Relax family of teas and supplements that help to ease stress and anxiety and promote calm and relaxation.

Tasting notes

This tea comes in a recyclable paper envelope and a biodegradable, plastic free tea bag. The full ingredients are chamomile flower, limeflower, elderflower, marigold petal, licorice root, rose flower and lavender flower. I was surprised to see such a long list of ingredients but all are natural organic ingredients derived from plants. The dry tea is quite hard to see though the bag but it smells faintly of rose and the pleasant, wheaty smell of chamomile. I steeped this tea with freshly boiled water for five minutes as per the instructions. The smell of the tea brewing is sweet and floral, and I could definitely detect the rose and lavender, which is impressive as they only comprise 10% of the total ingredients. The elderflower and marigold probably add to this fragrance, creating a wonderful aroma. The taste is not unlike the smell, that is to say sweet and flowery but not sickly, and with a pervading taste of the comforting chamomile. I did add about half a teaspoon of sugar, but I don’t think it’s necessary unless you normally do need sugar or another sweetener with your herbal teas. This is meant to be a tea to promote relaxation and sleep but I did have it before lunch, which was perhaps not the best time but it was a lovely brew which I enjoyed greatly. I actually got two very good cups of tea out of one relatively small teabag, so this tea is great value for money.

Good to know

This is a naturally caffeine free herbal blend that is ideal to have at night time, so drinking it in the middle of the day was probably a weird choice but it left me feeling relaxed rather than wanting to nap at my desk! I did have some more at night time and it was a great tea to chill out with – I had two cups in the evening from one tea bag which was plenty to help me feel calm, rested and ready for sleep. The chamomile and lavender ingredients are popular natural sleep aids that many people find beneficial for sleep. Limeflower is an ingredient I have not come across before, but it has been used as a herbal remedy for hundreds of years in its Native Europe and is thought to have a mild sedative effect.

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