Tea of the week – Raspberry Herbal by PG Tips

Our pick for this week’s TOTW is Raspberry Herbal by PG Tips. A refreshing herbal infused blend featuring only Raspberry and Rosehip. This individually enveloped tea is a caffeine free, vegan friendly blend with no added sugar or artificial flavourings. PG Tips started as a Manchester based brand, and was the first UK brand to be fully certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Their great tea has been around for over 150 years! PG Tips is working their way to sustainability, with 4 billion plant-based teas hitting the shelves already. Did you know nine billion PG Tips tea bags are enjoyed per year… that’s a lot of tea and tea bags!

Tasting notes

This tea comes in recyclable paper decorated with their classic PG Tips red and green leafy print. The scent is a powerful raspberry infusion which is a great sign. As previously mentioned, this is a pure blend of Raspberry and Rosehip, with no added extras. I steeped the tea into freshly boiled water following the instructions on the packet. The tea turned a lovely red colour with the raspberry aroma blessing the room. I did not add milk (that would not be advised) I did however add one teaspoon of sugar, I like my tea sweet. This is totally preferable to yourself and how you like your brew. This is a perfect blend for a refreshing mid-morning pick me up or for that afternoon post-lunch slump. 

This tea worked wonderfully to quench my first and would be lovely brewed over ice in the summer. I personally love the flavour of raspberry drinks, in particular raspberry lemonade is my favourite, so perhaps I am biased!

Good to know

Rosehip is the berry of a rose plant, which is rich in antioxidants which help to protect the body’s cells from damage. The berry holds 28g of Vitamin C which provides you with 200% of your daily vitamin C requirement, which is just amazing. Rosehip berry is also known for boosting your immune system. The vitamin C is amazing at working against the common cold, especially in the winter when all the colds are out in force. Another benefit is the increase in circulation from the significant amount of iron within this berry, which helps with joint stiffness particularly useful for after exercise. Not only does rosehip have amazing benefits for your health, but can also work wonders for your skin, it promotes collagen production. This increases cell turnover time to produce a more radiant, healthy looking complexion. It has also been known to help slow down the ageing process by plumping fine lines… who doesn’t want to look younger (I know I do).

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