Tea of the week – Rose Lemonade by Taylors of Harrogate

This week, we are tasting a sweet Rose Lemonade tea by the Yorkshire based tea and coffee company Taylors of Harrogate. This fragrant infusion is a blend of rose petals and citrus made from zingy lemon peel, lemongrass and an array of different ingredients developed and inspired by the English countryside. Taylors of Harrogate are an independent, family run coffee and tea company sourcing extraordinary tea and coffee including the famous Yorkshire Tea! The company dates back to 1886, when Charles Taylor and his two sons began creating coffee and tea and were soon known for their quality. Although Taylors have grown significantly since the early days, they have remained in touch with their craft values and have stuck to their family roots.

Tasting notes

From the second you open the incredibly stylish grey and pink envelope, you are hit with the beautiful aroma of zesty lemon and rose. This fragrant tea includes apple, sweet blackberry leaves, lemongrass and of course rose petals, taken from graceful meadows with the prettiest roses. These exciting fruity elements of the tea work together to create a bursting flavour of an English traditional fruity tea blend. The tea bag is delicate and transparent, so you are able to see the concoction of blended ingredients clearly. After pouring the boiling water into your mug the tea bag turns the water into a wonderful dark pink colour, as the water seeps into the tea bag the you can smell the lovely fruity blend of fruit, roses and lemon. Before you even take a sip, you are whisked away to a different world filled with flowers and the sun shining bright, just from the smell alone. To create an even sweeter experience, I would suggest adding a sprinkle of sugar, this will help bring out the flavours in even more depth for you to enjoy. As this tea has no caffeine, it’s perfect for drinking at any point of the day, and would be ideal for treating yourself to a moment of relaxation with this blissful tea before you tackle whatever the day has to throw at you. Have you ever sprayed a perfume on yourself and thought, goodness that smells so wonderfully delicious! This tea has such a beautiful and surreal scent that you would find it hard to believe it is actually something you can drink. In fact, when I tried this tea I thought it smelt so good that I wanted to throw it all over myself – please do not do this though as that would be very dangerous and it would not be worth it, although I know it is tempting! I was extremely excited to try this tea as I wanted to know if it really did taste as good as it smells and I was definitely not disappointed. If you love the taste of roses and lemon, then you should definitely give yourself this tasty treat, you won’t regret it.

Good to know 

The rose petals used within this infusion really enhance the natural sweetness within this hot beverage. It is thought to help support the immune system; which around the wintery season can be tested by the common cold. This Rose Lemonade tea can help to soothe a sore throat with its citrusy blend of lemongrass and lemon peel. This hot drink, from opening the teabag, to the very last sip, leaves a lasting and prominent aroma when drinking. Overall, this tea can be enjoyed at any time to freshen up your day. As you can imagine, this tea is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and is also completely caffeine free!

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