Tea of the week – Teapigs Snooze

Take a moment to relax with this week’s TOTW – the Snooze sleepy tea blend from Teapigs. Founded in 2006, Teapigs use whole leaf tea and biodegradable tea bags, or ‘tea temples’ – even the tag and string are made of plastic free, earth-friendly materials. Teapigs work closely with the Point Foundation, a charity that supports orphans and vulnerable young people in South Africa and Rwanda. Teapigs are also members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, an organisation that supports tea sustainability, the lives and livelihoods of tea farmers, pickers and workers, and the environment in which the tea is produced.

Tasting notes

This tea is nicely presented in a tea pyramid and you can see the whole chamomile flowers inside, as well as apple pieces and lavender. That’s the entire ingredient list by the way, just those three things. Upon opening the envelope you can smell the chamomile with a hint of lavender underneath, much like you would expect. As per the instructions, I steeped this tea with freshly boiled water for three minutes. The flowers and apple pieces in the tea bag sort of ‘billowed out’ and plumped up within the bag and the brew is a very light yellow straw-like colour. The fragrance of the tea brewing is again redolent of chamomile and lavender, I cannot detect an apple smell but there is a sweetness to the scent that the apple is probably responsible for. I did not add any sugar or sweetener to this tea as I wanted to try it without, and the flavour is subtle and smooth with no astringency or bitterness at all – the apple probably lends plenty of sweetness already but you could always add your choice of sweetener if you prefer. I actually left the tea bag in and still the flavour remained consistently smooth and did not become bitter. This is just a really delicious tea that is perfect for relaxing with on the sofa after a busy day, and really helped me to unwind and feel calm.

Good to know

We all know chamomile and lavender are excellent for promoting relaxation and a natural sleep, and this tea is no different – the apple adds a gentle sweetness and also contains vitamin C, as well as important antioxidants and flavonoids. I got two cups of tea out of one tea bag and could probably even squeeze in a third! 

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