Tea of the week – Vanilla Chai Rooibos by Tick Tock

This tea from Tick Tock is made from the African rooibos, or ‘red bush’ tea, and is blended with traditional Indian style chai spices including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, chicory and cloves. Chai is normally made with black tea, and this rooibos chai lends a new twist to the traditional style of chai. Tick Tock have been trading in rooibos tea for over 100 years, and promote sustainable farming techniques, fair trade practises, and avoid using artificial additives, GM crops, or chlorine-bleached teabags.

Tasting notes

As with most rooibos teas, this is a dark reddish colour which doesn’t really taste of black tea but has a similar dark brew and goes well with milk, making it a great caffeine free alternative. The chai spices add warmth and flavour without being overpowering – rooibos has a slightly more subtle flavour so it’s good not to overwhelm the taste. The vanilla lends a hint of sweetness and almost creaminess to this tea, making for an overall well-rounded and delicious blend. You can drink this with milk and sweetener or not depending on your preference, and this tea is caffeine free so is ideal for drinking any time of the day.

Good to know

Rooibos tea is thought to be more gentle on the stomach as it does not contain caffeine or tannins, which can cause irritation in some people. Unlike black tea, rooibos does not contain oxalic acid, and so can be consumed by people who have kidney stones. The spices used in chai are taken from ancient Ayurvedic texts – Ayurveda is a type of Indian alternative medicine in which food and herbs are used to treat ailments.

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