Tea of the Week – You’re Golden Spicy Orange & Ginger tea from OFFBLAK

We have a great new tea brand gracing your Varieteas subscription boxes this month called OFFBLAK, a lifestyle tea brand who pride themselves on their unique whole leaf teas and infusions that pack a punch in the flavour department, as well as gorgeously bold Insta-worthy packaging. This week I will be telling you all about their You’re Golden Spicy Orange and Ginger blend which sounds just perfect for Autumn. All of their teas are vegan, gluten and soy-free, non-GMO and have almost zero calories. OFFBLAK was founded just this year, we are looking forward to what other delightful teas they will be creating in the future! 

Tasting notes

I opened the foil envelope revealing a silky pyramid bag, which clearly shows the whole ingredients inside – this tea contains black tea leaves, ginger, cinnamon, (whole!) clove buds, orange peel, orange flowers and other natural flavourings. Straight away I am hit with a strong but natural-smelling orange scent as well as a hint of spiciness, most likely from the ginger and cloves. I steeped the tea for three minutes as per the packet instructions – I did add one sweetener as I often do with most teas. The colour of the tea turned a deep orangey brown very quickly, which is always a sign of a good quality black tea. The whole ingredients visible in the bag, paired with the ever-growing aroma, makes this feel like a luxury experience already. After steeping I did leave the bag in the cup, although you might not want to do this unless you take your tea very strong indeed. The flavour is really delicious, completely smooth without a hint of bitterness at all. You can definitely taste the orange and the aromatic ingredients of cinnamon and clove, and everything tastes completely natural, no flavour seems synthetic or overpowers the rest. This is a tea that really does taste like it smells and the flavour doesn’t back down, leaving a pleasant aftertaste with no astringency. While this is a black tea, I did not add any milk, although it probably would still be good if you did, much like an Indian style chai. I do feel very seasonal drinking this tea, it would be great to enjoy while snug and toasty by a cosy fireplace, making this a perfect brew for the winter months. As I reach the bottom of the cup, there is not a bunch of bits at the bottom or any change in the taste, which indicates that all ingredients really are whole. 

Good to know

This is a black tea and the packet indicates the caffeine level is high (when compared to their other lower or non-caffeine blends), so it would be perfect on a crisp, cold morning before a busy day, or perhaps in addition to a nice seasonal experience like crunching through fallen leaves in the park. The ingredients cinnamon, ginger and clove have a naturally warming effect so this would be a great blend for a chilly day, and would be wonderfully soothing for a cold or sore throat.

OFFBLAK was founded on the belief that tea shouldn’t just be black, it should be anything but. The tea range provides all the health benefits you need without having to give up or lose out on taste or excitement, yes it does taste as good as it looks! They’re rewriting the rules of tea for a new generation of you! Go to http://bit.ly/2nuv9kP and join their T-Club now for great tasting teas without any compromise, with £5 off your first Discovery Set order using their code VARIETEA, you’d definitely want to be a part of GenerationT.

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